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The Edinburgh Renaissance Band

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Edinburgh Renaissance Band Performances

The Renaissance Band at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023
Venue artSpace@St Marks (St Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh) Venue 125
Monday 14th August, 16:30 - 17:30
Tuesday 15th August, 16:30 - 17:30
Wednesday 16th August, 18:30 - 19:30

The 2023 show is Edinburgh Renaissance Band’s New Frontiers. With fifty successful Fringes behind us, we’re looking forward confidently to new journeys – to countries and continents we haven’t explored before, with wonderful music we haven’t performed. With our vast range of medieval and renaissance instruments we bring you early music from Poland, Bohemia, and Scandinavia as well as from parts of Europe we’ve often visited, before taking ship to Central America to discover the Spanish composers who worked there. A fascinating family-friendly programme by performers who are happy to chat about their instruments and music. Children specially welcome, and their tickets are free (but need to be booked).

  Monday 14th August, 16:30
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  Tuesday 15th August, 16:30
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Wednesday 16th August, 18:30
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The Viol Rackett Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023
St Cecilia's Hall, Niddry Street, Edinburgh (Venue 77)
Sunday 20th August, 15:00

The Edinburgh Renaissance Band return for their 50th year on the Fringe with a new version of the ever-popular Viol Rackett Show, the best-loved programme of instrumental music, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The award-winning troupe of ten musicians show off a large range of period instruments, including shawms, cornetti, sackbuts, nakers, crumhorms, viols, fiddles, crumhorns, gemshorns, bells, bagpipes, racketts and a serpent, and are happy to chat with you about them. The show is introduced by Musical Director Murray Campbell, whose lively presentation completes a delightful show, suitable for all ages. Children specially welcome, and their tickets are free (but need to be booked).

  Sunday 20th August, 15:00
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